Dear Friends!

We want to say Thank you! to all of you! It is not our (Nikita's, Dasha's, Masha's, Larisa's) festival, it's OUR=EVERYONE's festival! Without all of you there would be none...

You all are so wonderful! Our hearts are filled with love to each and every one of you! and now reading all the comments and posts helps us gain energy and stay out of "the-festival-has-finished-depression"!

We love you all and can't wait to see you again soon in March 2017 and in the meantime join us in a tango weekend in May!

You can find all the photos by our photographers here, the albums will be updated.

Also, if you have some photos and would like to share them with everybody, please, create an album (public!) in your profile and post a link to it in the festival's FB group.

We hope you enjoyed the festival, although not everything went as smooth as we planned. We want our festival to become better every year to make you and us happy, so we are asking you to fill in a short feedback form. It can be anonymous or not - as you wish.

Thank you!

Minsk Spring Tango Festival Team